What's the purpose of ‘guest's-eye-view perceptions’?

If you want to ‘live and breathe hospitality’, or completely meet a guest's desires, needs and expectations, you need to have a precise understanding of these desires, needs and expectations. This is not about getting a management consultant to pretend to be a guest, and having them send you a situation analysis twice a year. At best, this would let you know how this management consultant thinks guests see your hotel. International Guest Certified Hoteliers aren't interested in what management consultants think: they want to know what their own guests actually think and feel about their hotel.

"International Guest Certified hoteliers make a conscious decision to get to grips with their guests’ expectations and needs more deeply than their competitors do. They even carry out research into these expectations! This enables the hotelier’s attentions (and, as a result, their energy) to be focused on the most important thing: guests’ comfort.

Genuine guests are used to check on the quality of the service at a hotelier’s property on an ongoing basis. Nothing else would make sense! The scope and number of guest’s-eye-view perceptions carried out are intended to make it possible to obtain objective information from the guest’s point of view on a regular basis. As a result, guest’s-eye-perceptions take place throughout the year, during a period agreed with the hotelier.

The findings of the guest’s-eye-perceptions provide the basis for professional marketing and management of a hotel's service: namely, revolving around the understanding of your guests’ needs.

In itself, this knowledge will give you and your team a competitive edge.

The reports (IGC Quarterly Reports) you receive four times a year will give you the opportunity to really get to grips with your guests’ expectations. This means you will always have up-to-date feedback and praise from guests at your fingertips during team meetings. There's no doubt that this feedback will be invaluable for you and your team. You no longer need to make decisions on the basis of beliefs and assumptions any more. Now, you can make decisions using concrete findings.

Positive guest’s-eye-view perceptions will enable your hotel to become an International Guest Certified Hotel. Hotels certified by guests are visibly marked as ‘hospitality oases’ for third parties, such as guests, tour operators and journalists.

Nominate your hotel for the International Guest Certified Hotel Award and generate the trust that can make all the difference to a prospective guest!

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