What are the benefits for a hotel’s employees?

Boost your team's self-confidence!

Praise creates self-confidence, both of which really motivate your employees. If you and your team alike are proud of the work you do and the hospitality that you bring to life in your hotel, you will enjoy work more. And your team? They’ll be much more successful and engaged at work.

However, motivated teams don't just perform better. They’re also more creative, developing ideas to help improve work processes and results. You and your team will develop and market innovative offers to help secure success and your hotel’s existence in the long term. Enjoying the work they do is a key motivator for employees and a key resource to create innovation within your hotel.

The International Guest Certified Hotel Award taps into a source of recognition and feedback that you can use to bring positive energy into your hotel, as you’ll soon notice.

Interactions with guests, and the emotional labour connected to this, are key cornerstones of successful quality management.

International Guest Certified hoteliers have a better idea of their guests’ needs than their competitors do. They bolster and motivate their team using guests’ feedback so that they meet, and often exceed, guests’ expectations.

If your hotel's employees understand the importance of being personally committed to their guests’ comfort, and that active hospitality is sacred, they will enjoy their work.

The International Guest Certified Service Accreditation and the International Guest Certified Hotel Award enable guests, travel agents, tour operators and the international media to see the active hospitality in your hotel and the trust your guests place in you.

Recognising hospitality means satisfied guests, satisfied employees and, last but not least, satisfied hoteliers. After all, what is better news to a hotelier than knowing that their guests are enjoying their holidays and their employees are happy?

Nominate your hotel for the International Guest Certified Hotel Award now. There's no catch: it can only be of benefit to you, and your guests!  

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