What is IGC Guest Service Quality Feedback? 

Let’s clarify one thing from the off: IGC Guest Service Quality Feedback isn’t the same thing as criticism from guests!

Guests’ criticism generally focuses on shortcomings and things that have gone wrong. Conversely, IGC Guest Service Quality Feedback aims to improve what’s already there. When used properly, feedback can release an enormous amount of creative potential that can trigger learning processes, simulate progress and facilitate success.
IGC Guest Service Quality Feedback involves comparing what you see with what your guests see.

What your guests say about you says more about your guests than it does about you. It's worth getting a change of perspective from time to time. Learn about the quality of service at your hotel, as your guests see it, with IGC Guest Service Quality Feedback. First and foremost, you’ll find out plenty about how guests perceive your hotel, what they consider to be important, what they think is going well and what’s hit a snag.

IGC Guest Service Quality feedback is solely, and primarily, destined for you as a hotelier. The sole purpose of the feedback is to assist you with optimising service quality. IGC Service Quality Ambassadors create the feedback as part of guest’s-eye-view perceptions, and are obliged to be discreet. As a result, it is up to you, as a hotelier, to decide which details from the feedback to pass on whom. It makes sense only to share guest feedback with employees if it directly affects their area.
When you pass guest feedback on to your employees, try to do this as sensitively as possible. Employees lacking in self-confidence, in particular, often struggle to see the positive side of guest feedback. As a result, employees find suggestions for improvement much easier to swallow if they are formulated in a positive manner.

Here’s an example: if you ask one of your employees to look like they're not in such a bad mood, they’ll probably feel personally attacked. However, if you mention that the employee should feel free to smile more often, as guests really like it when they smile, the employee will doubtless take this more positively, and be more likely to put it into practice.

Henry Ford once said: ‘If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person's point of view.’

An Indian saying states: ‘You can only understand a man once you've walked one hundred steps in his shoes.’

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