What is the
IGC Hotel Award?

At its heart, the IGC Hotel Award is about planning, designing and improving service quality, with the ultimate aim of boosting guest satisfaction.


Why should your
hotel take part?

Get new guests and boost turnover & profits. What hotelier doesn't want that? The sector is becoming increasingly competitive, and it is not easy...


What is IGC Guest Service Quality Feedback?

Let’s clarify one thing from the off: IGC Guest Service Quality Feedback isn’t the same thing as criticism from guests!


What's the purpose of ‘guest's-eye-view perceptions’?

If you want to ‘live and breathe hospitality’, or completely meet a guest's desires, needs and expectations, you need to have a precise...


What are the benefits for a hotel’s employees?

Boost your team's self-confidence!
Praise creates self-confidence, both of which really motivate your employees.


What are the benefits for travel agents?

Tour operators and guests alike are limited in the number of hotels that they can offer and book. Tour operators’ budgets have got even...


Is your hotel ready to take part?

Are you interested in guest feedback? Do you regularly read the reviews guests leave on online booking platforms, travel guides or forums?


How did the IGC Hotel Award come about?

The idea and concept behind the International Guest Certified Hotel Award were developed in 2004 by Ortwin Oberhauser...


Who issues the
IGC Hotel Award?

For most hotel awards, specialist committees or juries decide which hotels should receive the award. That’s not the case with the International Guest...


How much does it
cost to take part?

The International Guest Certified Organisation for Hospitality Quality (ICG) strives to use the resources at its disposal sensibly...

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