The award that recognises great

the International Guest Certified Hotel Award.

You place your trust in a hotel every time you make a booking.
The ‘IGC Hotel Award’ creates trust.

More trust means more bookings.

Get new guests.

Reach success in just 3 steps, thanks to the International Guest Certified Accreditation.


Recognise guests’ needs.

Guest feedback lets you know how happy your guests are and what their needs might be, enabling you to stay ahead of the game. 


Live and breathe hospitality.

Optimise service quality in line with what your guests actually need. Giving guests a great surprise plays an important role in boosting guest satisfaction.


Make guests’ trust visible

The ‘IGC Award’ lets guests, travel agents and international media see just how much your guests trust you: it is a public recommendation of your hotel for new guests.

The benefits of the International Guest Certified Hotel Award.


People decide what hotel to book on the basis of their feelings

New guests, in particular, book hotels on the basis of how they feel about it, or their gut feeling, as it were. This isn't surprising, given that hotels around the world have increasingly similar amenities and activities on offer.

The only surprise lies in the fact that hardly any hotels show people just how great they're doing in terms of what people feel about them. If they did this, they'd be able to build up guests’ trust even before the booking is made.


Make guests’ trust visible

The International Guest Certified Service Accreditation and the International Guest Certified Hotel Award let people see just how much your guests trust you. This creates a USP for your hotel that has a positive influence on bookings.  


The certification attracts new guests to your hotel

When guests book a room in an International Guest Certified Hotel, they know that other guests have had a great time there, and that it’s been singled out as a certified, much-loved hotel.

When your hotel is certified as an International Guest Certified Hotel and you receive the International Guest Certified Hotel Award, this makes your hotel more attractive to future guests: the certification draws new guests to your hotel.

IGC wants every guest to be satisfied!

One of today's biggest challenges facing hoteliers and hotel managers is guaranteeing and maintaining guest satisfaction.

Guest satisfaction is the result of being aware of guests’ needs. Hotels that quickly get to grips with guests’ needs and satisfy them will be able to enjoy success in the future, too.

By nominating your hotel for the International Guest Certified Hotel Award, you will be focusing your attention, and that of your employees, on the only thing that matters: your guests’ needs and satisfaction.

The International Guest Certified Hotel Award, then and now

The International Guest Certified Hotel Award was founded in Austria in 2004, and the first awards were given out in 2005.

From summer 2019 onwards, a dazzling new look will be revealed for the International Guest Certified Hotel Award. The designers at, an agency located in Bregenz on Lake Constance, have completely revamped the IGC Award. The new award is made from high-quality AMG 21 aluminium, anodised in black and gold. The elegant straight lines of the streamlined design, and its high-quality finish, guarantee that the new award will be an eye-catching addition to any hotel.

The following gallery depicts historic images from the International Guest Certified Hotel Award photo archive, showing the first time that the Hotel Award was given out.

Hotel Europa **** St. Moritz, Engadin . CH 2005

Luxury Dolce Vita Resort ***** Naturns, Südtirol . IT 2005

Hotel Palazzo ***** Otranto, Apulien . IT 2008

Landhotel Goldenes Kreuz **** Allgäu . DE 2007

Hotel Sonnenburg **** Riezlern Kleinwalsertal . DE 2007

Sports & Seminar Hotel Europa **** St. Moritz . CH 2006

Hotel Seebad Heringsdorf **** Usedom . DE 2008

Excelsior Dolomites Life Resort ****S Südtirol, Italien . IT 2007

Hotel Adler **** Leipzig, Sachsen . DE 2008

Hotel Golserhof ****S Dorf, Südtirol . IT 2007

IGC Award Übergabe H. Europa Berghaus Pontresina . CH 2007

Classic Flair Hotel *** Kurort Bad Pyrmont . DE 2010

Hotel Palazzo Papaleo ***** Lecce . IT 2008

Hotel zur Pfeffermühle **** St. Anton am Arlberg . AT 2006

Hotel Europa **** St. Moritz . CH 2008

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