Why should your hotel take part?

Get new guests and boost turnover & profits. What hotelier doesn't want that? The sector is becoming increasingly competitive, and it is not easy to be financially successful. If you want to optimise your profits, you need to work out a unique strategy.

Participating in the International Guest Certified Hotel Award is a perfect strategy to ensure that your hotel keeps steadily developing from the inside out.

Participating in the International Guest Certified Hotel Award motivates employees, increases guests’ trust and loyalty, improves guests’ satisfaction and improves competitiveness. If guests place more trust in you and are more satisfied with your hotel, this leads directly to more turnover and optimised profits.

A nomination will steer your hotel towards greater financial success.

A summary of the three biggest advantages of taking part:

1. Visible commitment to appreciating your guests
The nomination, and the IGC nomination accreditation given as part of this, let you signal to your existing guests that your hotel focuses on noting and meeting guests’ requirements. It also shows that you put the quality and efficiency of your interactions with guests and the service you provide them at the heart of your work. Your guests will feel appreciated: they will trust you and be happy to recommend you.

2. Gaining new guests through official IGC certification
Service quality is an area that is hard to measure, and often remains a risk that potential guests face when booking a hotel. Why? Because anonymous reviews on booking sites often aren't all that trustworthy.
Certification with the globally recognised International Guest Certified Hotel Service Accreditation lets internal employees and external visitors alike see the high levels of trust and service quality at a hotel. It can also be used on PR materials and marketing campaigns. The IGC Service Accreditation can even be the deciding factor that encourages a guest to book a stay at your hotel.

3. Motivate employees and make management easier
The guest’s-eye-view perceptions organised by IGC make it possible for you to give your employees up-to-date feedback about guest satisfaction across concrete service areas. Where is there room for improvement? Where are things running smoothly?

Participating in the Award lets us create opportunities for you as a hotelier to praise your team, generating a positive team spirit and the highest possible levels of motivation.

When guests’ criticism is based on neutral guest feedback, it comes across as less personal and is easier for the team to swallow. Detailed information provided by guests about service quality pushes the focus away from your views as a boss and hotelier, and instead on to guests’ actual perceptions, which makes meetings with employees much easier. The challenge facing the hotel’s team is to work together to offer guests the best service possible. This challenge brings the team together and makes each individual employee shoulder more responsibility.

Help your hotel stand out from the crowd and show your guests just how important they are to you! Nominate your hotel for the International Guest Certified Hotel Award now. There’s no catch: it can only be of benefit! 

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